Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 Purpose of Blogging

1.) First, Blogging to make extra income.

2.) Serve as a visual playground for what they do as an artist and purely for fun, connecting with fellow artists.

3.) For the enjoyment of writing and crafting, and to have their writing actually be read.

4.) They are blogging to learn new things.

5.) To share some feelings and ideas with whoever cares to pop in and in a way a means of interacting with others!

6.) To generally write musings on life and the world, humor, and seek out more of an audience as I work on becoming a published author.
7.) Enhance and explore writing skills, meet new people, expression, sharing yourself.

8.)Just writing down thoughts, goals and stories to remind myself what I could, should and would do. And also to whine and complain.

9.) To make green (not money currently) but to make living more sustainable by sharing green content. We're always in search of the best environmental resources to share. So if you know any please let us know to add them to our directory.

10.) Share your thought with the world. Be accept somewhere, somehow by people around the globe. Having the feeling that someone will listen to what you have to say... behind all that, make money online.


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